The Oskar J. W. Hansen Archives

Research home to the Norwegian-American sculptor, mystic, and author. Oskar Hansen was truly one of the great characters in 20th-century American art and we hope to uncover more of his mystery and tell his story.

About Oskar J. W. Hansen

Learn more about Oskar J. W. Hansen’s biography, art and sculpture, writing, mountaintop home, mystical ideas, and other amazing things.

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About our Archives Project

Learn more about our project to research and collect information about this unheralded giant of 20th-century American art and culture. Help us build the archives with research, stories, recollections, or other findings.

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Winged Figures of the Republic Statues
Mickey Løgitmark, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Our mission is to uncover more from the secret life of Oskar J. W. Hansen.

If you have information about Oskar J. W. Hansen that might aid our research, original art or artifacts related or Oskar Hansen, or questions or feedback about our project, please reach out.